About eTEXTco

eTEXTco.com is the text message marketing division of Adtastic Hosting & Internet Services, LLC an Arkansas based website hosting and design, Internet marketing, and Internet services company. 

Providing quality, cost effective Internet services to small businesses since 1998, Adtastic Hosting is a service oriented company driven to help small businesses achieve Internet success.

A client once asked us to recommend a text message marketing program. In our usual manner we researched the industry extensively. We found that pricing was all over the place and that virtually all of the companies were offering a basic plan with limited features for one price and then charging additional fees (upsells) for extra features. In order to have a complete program you were faced with high monthly fees, generally in excess of $100 or more monthly. That is when we decided to devise our own text message marketing program. We knew that if we had a comprehensive software program that would offer all of the same features as any other text message marketing program there was no reason we couldn't offer it for one low price and make up in volume the cost of development. And that is how eTEXTco was born.

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