Our program has more features for one low price than any other Text Message Marketing program on the planet!
All other text message marketing services sell you a limited service for their low price then charge you more for extra features. Not eTEXTco!
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$49 monthly, all inclusive.
Social Marketing is HUGE! Join the revolution today and see why text message marketing is the most effective and least expensive marketing ever.
All services include access to ALL of the modules below - no hidden or extra charges!

Mobile Coupons

Mobile coupons are used 5 times more on average
than paper or other forms of coupons and therefore
provide an exciting and effective marketing platform.

Loyalty Program

Create virtual punch cards with The Loyalty Program! Loyalty cards have always been a very popular customer rewards tool. The one downfall is that they are constantly being misplaced or lost. With our Loyalty tool all you need is a mobile phone number and you can have your card punched at the time of purchase. It is important for business owners to implement programs that not only continue to drive customers in but also make them feel appreciated, especially in tough economic times.

Social Plugins

Post to Twitter
Spread the word! Tweet your offers and text messages for your followers to retweet. 

Create an Opt-in page on Facebook
Motivate mobile users to opt in on your fan page! Simply follow our guide and with the help of a free application like MyTab, paste our iframe code into your page to create the page quickly and easily!!

Post to your Facebook wall
When sending out a message, coupon offer, or mobile webpage, you have the convenience of putting it immediately on your Facebook wall!

Kiosk Builder

Kiosks are a great way to engage customers. Your customers can use them to opt-in to an sms list and start receiving offers and updates or “punch” their virtual loyalty card and earn points with every purchase towards a prize. 

Email Integration

When a user provides us with their email address, our system will automatically relay that information to your email marketing platform.

Mobile Website

Create beautiful and rich mobile pages with full customization options based on your custom graphics, colors and fonts. Your creative and marketing talent is 100% in control.

SMS Polls

Run a mobile poll for live events and other business needs. Get fast, hands-on feedback from your customer base. Consult your bread and butter on decisions which can affect your business! Polls are easy to create and consumers enjoy participating. Use a poll to help your business.


Ask questions to be answered by users on your opt-in list. Questions engage the user and allow them to give you a tally of people attending an event, a quick opinion on something, etc.

Happy Birthday

Everyone loves their birthday. Show your clients you care with a gift on their special day. Add a coupon that can be included in your birthday message to excite your customer and continue to get their support because of your kind gesture.

“Birthday Wishes” is an SMS marketing tool that allows businesses to market and engage with their customers prior to or on the day of their birthday. This tool will automatically wish your customers a happy birthday on behalf of your business, via SMS.

Auto Responders

Build a scheduled release of materials to customers in your opt-in list. Auto-responders add in the possibility of producing timed campaigns that routinely galvanize customers with evenly spaced increments of offers and text updates.

Create a Special “Drip” for Customers

From the day that the user opts in, their auto-response messages will come in the same lengths of time that any other user who has opted in. This creates an organized flow or “drip” of information. The drip could be an exercise program, daily tips or advice, anything you want!

Text To Screen


Display your live message stream on your own application, server, or website with our Text To Screen API. The message stream could be used in a variety of creative and intuitive ways such as a scrolling ticker or even a full screen overlay while an image or video is displayed in the background.

Text To Win

This weapon in your marketing arsenal gives you the agency  to create sweepstakes for your Opt-in and Lead generation lists. Assign a contest to a complete list, or limit entrants by offering it only to participants that text within a specific time-frame. Say you want to run a sweepstakes between two dates and times. Our ‘selective participants’ option allows you to include users who opted in within these specified times only. This creates an ‘act now’ mentality which motivates the user to text in immediately after learning of the contest. The contest runs when you create and save, or at a scheduled time.

QR Codes

QR Codes are promising and creative. The many uses for them are still being discovered! It’s time to leap into the future with this new and exciting approach!

Create QR codes in a flash using our QR Code generator. Enter your information and the wizard will create a unique QR code that can be printed, emailed or downloaded for future use.

Direct the user to a website of your choice. The user scans the code and is instantly referred to the specified URL. This is a very straightforward way to drive traffic to your site and get the user to connect with your materials.

Appointment Setting

Is your business dependent on appointments with clientele? Do you need to manage a group of vendors who visit your business regularly for deliveries? Use our mobile appointment management tools to ensure fewer no-shows! Fill downtime and schedule deliveries  efficiently. Empower your business with Appointment Reminders.

Real Estate Listings

Generating Real Estate leads has never been easier. Real estate has always been a very competitive market, and agents need every tool available to them to increase their pool of buyers. 

Keywords and QR codes can be added to sign riders as well as all print advertising.

When a prospect requests information they will get a link to a landing page or a mobile website with pictures and info on the property and the agent will get a sales lead.

Car Dealerships

The vehicle listing tool can be used by auto, boat and motorcycle dealerships to increase the amount of leads captured both on the sales lot and through print advertising.
A vehicle listing can be created with a keyword, a QR code or both. When a customer scans the QR code or texts the keyword, the dealership will receive a lead and the customer will get a link that will lead them to a landing page or a mobile website with more pictures and information on the vehicle

Plans & Pricing

No risk, 30-day money back guarantee! Or try the DEMO, no credit card required
Limited Time Offer: Sign up for 1 year on the $49 plan - receive 2 months FREE!


$49 /month*
5 free keywords
1250 SMS Credits
Mobile Coupons
Social Plugins
Kiosk Builder
Loyalty Program
Choose Plan


$89 /month
25 free keywords
2500 SMS Credits
Mobile Coupons
Social Plugins
Kiosk Builder
Loyalty Program
Choose Plan

Professional Plus SEO

$199 /month (plus one-time $379 setup fee)
100 Free Keywords
4000 SMS Credits
Mobile Coupons
Social Plugins
Kiosk Builder
Loyalty Program

Local SEO Program
Choose Plan
All Plans Include our full suite of services such as:

-Mobile Coupons
-Social Plugins
-Kiosk Builder
-Loyalty Program
-Email Integration
-Appointment Setter
-Text To Screen System
-Text To Win System
-Real Estate Marketing System
-Car Dealership Marketing System
Mobile Poll Creator Program
-Questionnaire Program
-QR Codes Generator
-Automated Happy Birthday
-Comprehensive Auto-Responder

Toll Free Texting

$89 /month*
(Plus one-time $395 setup fee)
1750 SMS Credits
Mobile Coupons
Social Plugins
Kiosk Builder
Loyalty Program
Choose Plan

Basic Texting with MMS

$99 /month
(Plus one-time $295 setup fee)
10 free keywords
1250 SMS Credits
500 MMS Credits
(additional MMS credits 7.5 cents each)
Mobile Coupons
Social Plugins
Kiosk Builder
Loyalty Program
Choose Plan

Dedicated Shortcode

$495/month (plus one-time $2750 setup fee)
5000 (initial) SMS Credits
Additional SMS Credits
.0375 each (minimum 5000)
(call for additional quantity discounts)
Mobile Coupons
Social Plugins
Kiosk Builder
Loyalty Program
Choose Plan
Toll Free Texting lets you use your toll free number to also send and receive text messages and provides the ability to have unlimited keywords and any keyword of your choice.

Basic Texting with MMS lets you send pictures, video or audio content with your text message.

A dedicated shortcode means your shortcode is not shared with anyone else. This means you have a unique shortcode for branding purposes and also that you can have unlimited keywords and any keyword of your choice.
Why eTEXTco? There are plenty of text message marketing companies to choose from. And the majority of them provide similar features. Beside the fact that eTEXTco provides the most features for one of the lowest prices in the industry there is another difference that sets us apart. At eTEXTco our goal is to help you be successful. We have almost 20 years of successful online marketing experience. We don't just leave you to figure it out. We offer our experience and high level of service as well as our product. We provide you a quick start formula to help you get your program going quickly. We offer low cost marketing and management programs to help you leverage your text message marketing program and use our expertise and marketing knowledge to help you develop a successful program quickly. And we're here for you each step of the way.
Plans are month to month, (basic plan is paid quarterly) no contract required. ALL of our plans include the entire suite of text message marketing features. Compare our low monthly rate against any other service out there which you will find not only charges you more for their monthly service but then upsells you to have additional features. Not eTEXTco! The only difference between our plans is the number of text messages you can send, vanity keywords you can create and whether a basic search engine marketing plan is included.
*$49 monthly program Has 3 month minimum and is paid quarterly (or choose annual plan for additional savings)
30 Day Money Back Guarantee starts from day of first payment. 
Guarantee does not include any text message credits used which will be deducted from account at .07 each.
Guarantee does not apply to dedicated shortcode setup or individual setup fees as applicable.
Need more keywords or SMS texts? Please call us 1-866-622-5710
Note About Our Plans: ALL of our plans include ALL program features! No tricky up-sells after you get started with our service! Unlike all other programs by our competitors we do not charge you extra to “unlock” additional features. Our BASIC Plan for only $49 monthly will serve most businesses and virtually all small businesses. Compared against any other plan on the market you will see our service at $49 monthly is loaded with features you won’t find in other programs at three times the price. The only difference between plans is the number of free keywords and the number of monthly text messages you can send (or as in the case of the Deluxe Plan- the inclusion of monthly SEO services). And our $49 plan provides a generous number of keywords and text messages that in our experience is more than you will need. (And if you ever do need more we can offer you additional keywords or text messages for nominal fees without having to upgrade your plan). Compare us with any other service of this kind and the choice is clear.
What are “Keywords”
Keywords are the campaign keyword you will use when you run a text message marketing campaign. For example  you make a campaign for people to “Text “Special” to 77411” in order to sign up or receive your offer and “Special” would be the keyword. You decide what keyword you want to use for your campaign and it is locked so no one else in our system can use that same keyword for as long as you retain it. Most text message marketing companies charge a monthly fee for keywords, we include a generous number for each plan and you can change them at anytime for free.

How does the money back guarantee work?
No fine print, use the service for a month and decide to cancel we refund your payment (minus .07  for each text message you send which is to avoid people abusing our guarantee to run 30 day marketing programs then cancelling).