Successful Text Message Marketing Campaign Case Study of a Local Deli and a KIOSK Punch Card

Using a KIOSK for a Punch Card and SMS is very powerful! This is an example from a case study of a local deli business in their first month of using text message marketing with a Kiosk for their punch card.

What is a Kiosk?
Kiosks are a great way to engage customers. Your customers can use them to opt-in to an sms list and start receiving offers and updates or “punch” their virtual loyalty card and earn points with every purchase towards a prize. The most common way the eTEXTco Kiosk is used is for a rewards program using a “punch card” (in this case a “virtual punch card”) with a small tablet with an internet connection at the counter so the customer can sign up and/or check their balance. With the KIOSK you can easily chooce the program length, rewards and number of points necessary to reach the goal and once you start the program it starts immediately, no need to print loyalty cards. Clerks can easily add a punch to a customers card via SMS, a web widget via internet or a phone.

The owner of the local deli was in a college town. He knew he ws surrounded by young, hungry students that will respond to a “great deal.” He needed a unique and cool way to keep them coming back.

He’d been using “punch cards” for some time but found them to not be very cost effective. First, there was the expense of printing them. Then he found that the return rate was not very high. Likely the biggest reasons for this is people would lose their card or forget it. Plus the idea of having to keep and maintain a printed card was not all that attractive.

The owner of the deli put up an offer.

In a very short time the shop was able to build 3,621 loyal subscribers to their loyalty club. The read rate on their campaign was around 95%, unheard of in any other medium.

Major companies such as Starbucks, Target and others as well as local restaurants, bars and service businesses are using text message marketing very effectively to bring on additional revenue and new customers. They offer coupons, links to specials, rewards, etc., to grow their opt-in list and then market additional specials to the list. You can easily do the same very cost effectively with the eTEXTCo $49 text message marketing program. and you don't have to wait for the pay-off, for example if you are a restaurant you can send messages on slow nights, if you are a real estate company you can send notices of price reductions, new properties on the market, etc., if you are a service business you can send special coupons, if you are a car dealer you can send end of month specials, discount service coupons, etc., and your text message marketing program will be effective and fast because SMS is instant.

Why have a kiosk with a customer loyalty program offering virtual punch cards for your customers and potential customers:

1. Build a list
The list is very valuable. This is your database of customers and potential customers that have agreed to receive text message marketing from you and have joined your loyalty program. As the list grows so does your ability to generate immediate response. For example, restaurants have been very successful at sending an occasional message the day before or day of a slow night. Say Mondays is normally slow they’ll send a text message of a special coupon such as a free appetizer with Monday night’s dinner or buy one get one free and pack their restaurant on a normally slow night.

2. Send Additional Promo
As your list grows and you use wisely the ability to instantly send a marketing message to your list (the first rule of good text message marketing is not to over send message to your list. Generally 1-4 messages a month is good. You don’t want your list to tire of seeing or hearing you. The second rule is that any time you do send a message it needs to offer value to the receiver. The ability to send promo that is almost instantly read and can spur immediate or fast response from people on your list is the most valuable form of marketing on the planet!

3. Build Loyalty

Customer loyalty is as valuable as gold to your business. Loyal customers are repeat customers. In addition, used correctly, you can tap into your customers friends and circles with carefully crafted campaigns that reward loyal customers and encourage referral of the business. 

4. Technologically Innovated
We live in a modern, technological world. Where everyone has a smart phone, a computer and in massive numbers (like Facebook) are communicating socialy via the internet. The number one action the average consumer uses their smart phone for is text messaging. Not phone calls, not internet search, but text messaging. The eTEXTco text message marketing program is technologically innovative to your customer or potential customer because it speaks using a language and style which is socially acceptable in the modern world. With a KIOSK for example, the customer has a digital loyalty program with a virtual punch card. This is more innovative and technologically professional to the customer than a traditional punch card. And this creates a stronger loyalty because customers or clients don’t lose their card. All you need for the kiosk is a small, inexpensive tablet and for under one hundred dollars, a floor or tabletop stand for it and your KIOSK is ready. And when you consider the $49 monthly eTEXTco service, it is very inexpensive to setup and operate yout text message marketing program.

5. Auto Reminders
System can intelligently remind customers that haven't shown up in awhile and generate repeat business. For example, “We haven’t seen you in awhile, we’ve missed you – here is a special offer just for you, valid for a week. Come back and see us!” has been an effective style of message to send and generate fast returns from customers you havent seen in awhile. The eTEXTco system can be scheduled to send this special message and offer to a customer that hasn’t had a punch on their virtual loyalty card in say, 3-5 weeks and subsequently generate repeat business.

6. Start in Minutes
You can launch a campaign within minutes and with the traditionally high read rates and responses achieve faster results than any other type of marketing medium.

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