Successful Text Message Marketing Campaign Case Study of a Real Estate Business

Real Estate and SMS is very powerful! This is an example from a case study of a real estate business in their first month of using text message marketing.

This is a local real estate business located in Burlington NJ. They initiated a text message marketing campaaign and created small signs to affix to the bottom of their existing for sale signs. The signs basically said “For information about this property text “property1 to XXXXX”. (From within their text message marketing control panel they created a unique keyword for each property and the “XXXXX” was the shortcode provided to them by us).

When people drive by the property it is a fact that the majority of them will have a cell phone with them!

When the person driving by the property sent the text they immediately received a link to a landing page with detailed information on the property. (You can easily create landing pages using our landing page creator via your eTEXTco control panel and include a photo gallery, video of the property and any other information you desire).

The net result was the real estate agent received 60 leads in the first month of using the text message marketing program. Even better, when a person sends the text the agent immediately receives an email with the phone number and can quickly contact them to thank them for sending the text, give them additional information, set an appointment to show the property, etc. As well, the person is now opted-in to a database for the property where the agent can send them instant updates such as price reduction, open house etc.

Major companies such as Starbucks, Target and others as well as local restaurants, bars and service businesses are using text message marketing very effectively to bring on additional revenue and new customers. They offer coupons, links to specials, rewards, etc., to grow their opt-in list and then market additional specials to the list. You can easily do the same very cost effectively with the eTEXTCo $49 text message marketing program. and you don't have to wait for the pay-off, for example if you are a restaurant you can send messages on slow nights, if you are a real estate company you can send notices of price reductions, if you are a service business you can send special coupons, if you are a car dealer you can send end of month specials, etc., and it will be effective and fast because SMS is instant.

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