Successful Text Message Marketing Campaign Case Study of a Mexican Restaurant

An authentic Mexican restaurant in Fenton, MO boosted their revenue for one week by $3500 by using their existing Facebook Fan Page and Email List when they added Mobile Text Message Marketing.

Their goal was to create and build a mobile marketing database so they could contact their customers with instant promotions at a very high read rate.

They also wanted to provide a way for existing Facebook Fans and new customers to opt-in to reap the benefits of their markeitng campaigns.

And, they wanted to be able to re-target their customers and users to encourage restaurant flow and customer retention.

To kick off the campaign they created a contest for a $50 gift card. All runner-ups would receive a 20% off coupon. When a user opted-in to join their program and in turn the contest they also received an immediate coupon to use in the restaurant. In the first week of running the campagi this coupon generated 76 recorded redemptions from people that opted-in but over 100 total redemtions (friends of friends, etc.). With an average ticket value of $35 this resulted in a net return of over $3500 for the campaign jus tin the first week alone.

The contest ran for 3 weeks. Runner-ups received a 20% off coupon. This resulted in 567 redemptions which at approx. $35 value per redemption resulted in an additional $19,845 in revenue.

The initial offer exactly as it was written looked like this:

We are pleased to announce our New VIP Mobile Club
where we will be sending exclusive Mobile-Only offers!
To kick it off we are having a sweepstakes for a $50 gift card!
All runner-ups receive a 20% coupon

Then they displayed a Facebook Ad Campaign “Text to Win $50 gift card and 20% off for all runner-ups” on their existing FB Fan page. 10,000 fans were notified via FB Boost Post at a cost of $30.00

They also sent 4,000 emails they uploaded into MailChimp and blasted out.

They used in-store signs to promote the contest.

They created a tab in their Facebook with for users to opt-in. How they did this is by creating a Facebook opt-in form via their control panel. (In your eTEXTco control panel you would click the link for “web forms” then create the opt-in form as a button or graphic.) Then in Facebook you would create a new tab known as an HTML tab using a Facebook plugin to create HTML tabs. You would then take the html code using the “get html code" tab from the form you created in your eTEXTco control panel and paste it into the html tabon Facebook.

Although this example might not be typical (for example your Facebook fanbase might not be as sizable)  and results will certainly vary when you consider the $49 monthly cost of using the eTEXTco program it is a no-brainer that you can grow your business with creative marketing programs via text messaging, regardless of the size of your Fan Base or other considerations.

However, if you use Facebook at all (which you should if you want to grow your business and customer fanbase) you should always leverage your Facebook to mobile. Running a contest like this is a perfect way to do so. Make a Facebook post about the contest. This will encourage your existing Facebook fan base who can then share this with their friends that are not a member of your fan base. a system like this is an excellent way to build your business or ramp up business on slow nights where you can send SMS messages to groups that are not a member of your VIP club or fan base.

Major companies such as Starbucks, Target and others as well as local restaurants, bars and service businesses are using text message marketing very effectively to bring on additional revenue and new customers. They offer coupons, links to specials, rewards, etc., to grow their opt-in list and then market additional specials to the list. You can easily do the same very cost effectively with the eTEXTCo $49 text message marketing program. and you don't have to wait for the pay-off, for example if you are a restaurant you can send messages on slow nights, if you are a real estate company you can send notices of price reductions, if you are a service business you can send special coupons, if you are a car dealer you can send end of month specials, etc., and it will be effective and fast because SMS is instant.

If you are a restaurant or any type of retail or service business and would like us to help you build and grow your opt-in list and develop successful campaigns to boost your business, we can help. Simply call us now at 866-622-5710 for a free consultation.

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Toll Free Texting lets you use your toll free number to also send and receive text messages and provides the ability to have unlimited keywords and any keyword of your choice.

Basic Texting with MMS lets you send pictures, video or audio content with your text message.

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What are “Keywords”
Keywords are the campaign keyword you will use when you run a text message marketing campaign. For example  you make a campaign for people to “Text “Special” to 77411” in order to sign up or receive your offer and “Special” would be the keyword. You decide what keyword you want to use for your campaign and it is locked so no one else in our system can use that same keyword for as long as you retain it. Most text message marketing companies charge a monthly fee for keywords, we include a generous number for each plan and you can change them at anytime for free.

How does the money back guarantee work?
No fine print, use the service for a month and decide to cancel we refund your payment (minus .07  for each text message you send which is to avoid people abusing our guarantee to run 30 day marketing programs then cancelling).