Commonly Asked Questions about the eTEXTco Text Message Marketing Program

1. Do I have to pay extra for added features?

No! The program is $49 per month all inclusive. Unlike everyone else which advertises a low price then up-sells you to higher price points for additional features.

2. If the program is only $49 per month and all services are included, why do you show higher priced offerings?

The difference in the $49 monthly program and our higher priced services is the number of text messages and vanity keywords available to you. Each time you send a text message there is a cost we have to pay to the SMS provider so we have packages with varying amounts of text messages to provide you the best value. As well, the number of keywords available to you has a cost to maintain in our system. However, our $49 program provides enough messages and keywords for majority of our customers and should for you as well. In addition, you will find that all of the other providers have much higher fees for less text messages and keywords as well as additional costs for program features,  so it is still a great advantage and savings for you to use our service. If necessary, you can also purchase blocks of text message credits from us for a small fee, rather than upgrading to a larger plan, should you need them from time to time (for example when blasting out a large campaign).

We also offer a plan that includes a search engine marketing and optimization service and thus has a higher fee associated with the additional marketing services. Again, you will find it to be an excellent value for the service offered and is significantly less expensive that comparable search engine marketing services alone without a text message marketing plan.

3. How easy is it to operate and do you provide support?

You will find it very easy to operate and yes, we provide support. We have one of the best control panels in the industry and everything is very straightforward. We want you to be successful and assign a specialist to every account to assist you in getting started and to help you use the system as effectively as possible. Anytime you have a question or need support we are a phone call away.

4. How do “Keywords” work?

With each plan you get a specific amount of keywords, also known as “Vanity Keywords.” These are keywords you select for your campaign. When a consumer joins your program or chooses to text you to receive an offer they will use the keyword you specify along with what is called a “shortcode.” For example let us say you are offering a discount coupon. To receive the coupon the consumer would send a text to 11111 with the keyword “coupon”. This is an example of using a vanity keyword with a shortcode to receive an offer. Once you select a keyword for your campaign it is reserved exclusively for you within our system. You get a specific amount of vanity keywords according to your plan. Generally we find this is a sufficient amount for most needs. You can also purchase more keywords for a small fee or upgrade to a larger plan if you choose. In addition, you have an unlimited amount of non vanity or computer generated keywords available for no fee.

5. What is a shortcode?

Your short code is the 5 digit number a person will use to text you in order to receive your offer or join your program. For example, let us say you have chosen the keyword “Special” as your campaign keyword. When you login to your control panel at you will see in the right column 2 short codes, 71441 and 40691. When you use the keyword wizard and generate a campaign keyword is where you choose the short code to attach it to. EIther one is fine and the wizard defaults to the 71441 shortcode. So for example if you have chosen “Special” as your keyword and it is attached to the 71441 shortcode then you will advertise your customers and potential customers to text the keyword “special” to 71441 in order to receive your special offer.

Have a question we have not answered? Call us toll free at 1-866-622-5710

Plans & Pricing

No risk, 30-day money back guarantee! Or try the DEMO, no credit card required
Limited Time Offer: Sign up for 1 year on the $49 plan - receive 2 months FREE!


$49 /month*
5 free keywords
1250 SMS Credits
Mobile Coupons
Social Plugins
Kiosk Builder
Loyalty Program
Choose Plan


$89 /month
25 free keywords
2500 SMS Credits
Mobile Coupons
Social Plugins
Kiosk Builder
Loyalty Program
Choose Plan

Professional Plus SEO

$199 /month (plus one-time $379 setup fee)
100 Free Keywords
4000 SMS Credits
Mobile Coupons
Social Plugins
Kiosk Builder
Loyalty Program

Local SEO Program
Choose Plan
All Plans Include our full suite of services such as:

-Mobile Coupons
-Social Plugins
-Kiosk Builder
-Loyalty Program
-Email Integration
-Appointment Setter
-Text To Screen System
-Text To Win System
-Real Estate Marketing System
-Car Dealership Marketing System
Mobile Poll Creator Program
-Questionnaire Program
-QR Codes Generator
-Automated Happy Birthday
-Comprehensive Auto-Responder

Toll Free Texting

$89 /month*
(Plus one-time $395 setup fee)
1750 SMS Credits
Mobile Coupons
Social Plugins
Kiosk Builder
Loyalty Program
Choose Plan

Basic Texting with MMS

$99 /month
(Plus one-time $295 setup fee)
10 free keywords
1250 SMS Credits
500 MMS Credits
(additional MMS credits 7.5 cents each)
Mobile Coupons
Social Plugins
Kiosk Builder
Loyalty Program
Choose Plan

Dedicated Shortcode

$495/month (plus one-time $2750 setup fee)
5000 (initial) SMS Credits
Additional SMS Credits
.0375 each (minimum 5000)
(call for additional quantity discounts)
Mobile Coupons
Social Plugins
Kiosk Builder
Loyalty Program
Choose Plan
Toll Free Texting lets you use your toll free number to also send and receive text messages and provides the ability to have unlimited keywords and any keyword of your choice.

Basic Texting with MMS lets you send pictures, video or audio content with your text message.

A dedicated shortcode means your shortcode is not shared with anyone else. This means you have a unique shortcode for branding purposes and also that you can have unlimited keywords and any keyword of your choice.
Why eTEXTco? There are plenty of text message marketing companies to choose from. And the majority of them provide similar features. Beside the fact that eTEXTco provides the most features for one of the lowest prices in the industry there is another difference that sets us apart. At eTEXTco our goal is to help you be successful. We have almost 20 years of successful online marketing experience. We don't just leave you to figure it out. We offer our experience and high level of service as well as our product. We provide you a quick start formula to help you get your program going quickly. We offer low cost marketing and management programs to help you leverage your text message marketing program and use our expertise and marketing knowledge to help you develop a successful program quickly. And we're here for you each step of the way.
Plans are month to month, (basic plan is paid quarterly) no contract required. ALL of our plans include the entire suite of text message marketing features. Compare our low monthly rate against any other service out there which you will find not only charges you more for their monthly service but then upsells you to have additional features. Not eTEXTco! The only difference between our plans is the number of text messages you can send, vanity keywords you can create and whether a basic search engine marketing plan is included.
*$49 monthly program Has 3 month minimum and is paid quarterly (or choose annual plan for additional savings)
30 Day Money Back Guarantee starts from day of first payment. 
Guarantee does not include any text message credits used which will be deducted from account at .07 each.
Guarantee does not apply to dedicated shortcode setup or individual setup fees as applicable.
Need more keywords or SMS texts? Please call us 1-866-622-5710
Note About Our Plans: ALL of our plans include ALL program features! No tricky up-sells after you get started with our service! Unlike all other programs by our competitors we do not charge you extra to “unlock” additional features. Our BASIC Plan for only $49 monthly will serve most businesses and virtually all small businesses. Compared against any other plan on the market you will see our service at $49 monthly is loaded with features you won’t find in other programs at three times the price. The only difference between plans is the number of free keywords and the number of monthly text messages you can send (or as in the case of the Deluxe Plan- the inclusion of monthly SEO services). And our $49 plan provides a generous number of keywords and text messages that in our experience is more than you will need. (And if you ever do need more we can offer you additional keywords or text messages for nominal fees without having to upgrade your plan). Compare us with any other service of this kind and the choice is clear.
What are “Keywords”
Keywords are the campaign keyword you will use when you run a text message marketing campaign. For example  you make a campaign for people to “Text “Special” to 77411” in order to sign up or receive your offer and “Special” would be the keyword. You decide what keyword you want to use for your campaign and it is locked so no one else in our system can use that same keyword for as long as you retain it. Most text message marketing companies charge a monthly fee for keywords, we include a generous number for each plan and you can change them at anytime for free.

How does the money back guarantee work?
No fine print, use the service for a month and decide to cancel we refund your payment (minus .07  for each text message you send which is to avoid people abusing our guarantee to run 30 day marketing programs then cancelling).